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My Name is Kaitlyn and I am a Teacher Candidate at Brock University! Literacy is a very important component of my future teaching and as such, I have prepared a storybook that encompasses my love for literacy and my outlook on teaching literacy in a holistic manner! Enjoy!

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 Kaitlyn Greco 

My Childhood was FILLED with literacy...

My Parents incited my love for reading, every night they would read my siblings and I a bedtime story; I loved listening to them read about different characters, adventures, and magical places! They could never put us to bed after only reading one story... we always wanted to hear more. They would bring us to the library often, tell us stories,    

                  and encourage us to read and write in our journals!

My love for literacy continued to grow

But My Nani Was The Biggest Influence Of All

I was the first grandchild, and so as soon as I was born my Nani retired from her teaching career to watch me when my Parents had to return to work.

We would learn something new every day... She would work with me on printing, learning to spell words, reading stories, answering questions, and talking about what we loved in the books! 

This is a more recent depiction of the songs we would listen to!

She made learning SO fun and effortless. We would sing and dance to old tapes that taught letter sounds and the alphabet for hours! She would read out loud to me and every book was fun and exciting because of her enthusiasm.

It's about a friendship between the tree and a young boy, and as the boy grows, the tree gives everything she has to him so that he can be happy. She acts out of love and sacrifice putting his happiness over her own; acting selflessly.  




Her favourite book was The Giving Tree. She would read it to me all the time, and I grew to love it just as much! It wasn't until I was older that I realized the powerful message it carried...

Much of the reason that I aspire to be a teacher is attributed to my Nani. As I got older and shared my dreams with her, we shared our love and passion for the teaching profession. We talked about where I should go to school, where I would want to end up, and the kind of teacher I wanted to become...


 She shaped my values and beliefs about literacy by instilling a love for learning. When literacy is introduced in a fun and engaging manner, it is evident that there is a solid foundation built for later growth. I optimally learned so much about literacy because of how my parents and Nani centered it around the things I loved; singing, dancing, oral stories, exploring, enthusiasm, being creative with my imagination and inciting challenges. Had it been delivered in a way that did not take who I was as a learner into account, I may not have loved the learning process; and that could have hindered my love for learning/teaching. 

My Nani passed away before I got my Brock acceptance letter, and as much as I wish she could have been there- I know that she has never really left me. It was an extremely hard time and I didn't know how I would make it through.

As time passed, it only became harder. Until the day I re-read our favoutite book... As I flipped through the pages I realized that my Nani was my giving tree, and she is forever preserved in the pages of our favourite books and memories.

I continued to read all of our favourite books, over and over, and I was reminded in a round-about way how unifying literacy can be.

Some literacy we can relate to, some literacy we can share, sometimes literacy can be the way we leave our mark on the world. 


When I teach I want to empart this to my students;

I want them to love learning as much as I do; I want to cater to their interests, make literacy exciting, set a solid foundation for them to grow from, expose them to literature that has strong moral messages, and empower them to leave their mark on the world, through writing down their own stories. 

I want to be their GIVING TREE.

As it is articulated in this course, literacy is a social practice- influenced by social settings and interactions.

Text Users

Therefore as an educator I want to create a classroom ennvironment that establishes opportunities for the students to be...

Text Critics





My teaching philosopy

now entails Literacy being

implemented HOLISTICALLY to appeal to the



and kinesthetic learners

Dewey states; "Experiences that arouse a deeper level of engagement and curiosity in a child and that propel the child to continue learning are valuable educational expeiriences," and thus it is evident why social literacy is an avenue that yeilds such positive learning results!  

Literacy is always changing, never the same, and as a teacher I want to plan for this diversity- integrating literacy in a comprehensive, balanced, and reflexive manner! Afterall, my favourite works of literature are diverse as well.

Thank you for reading my story!